Thank you to the following people who have contributed their passions, investments and lines to helping me get started on this exciting venture. They are in chronological order, and my thanks are not limited to them. Without their help, there would not have been this Abytopia...



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Link to Mia's Pedigree


Ursula Vincze - who shared with me her passion for and love of the Aby during the early growth stages of her own cattery, allowing me to experience second hand the joys and tribulations of breeding and showing Aby's, and for giving me Mia Ballerina, my first spayed Aby Queen whose gentle nature and sensitivity have taught me many mysteries of the Aby psyche. Also for countless supply of cat subjects and hours spent helping me develop and refine my cat photography.
Link to Deeablo Abyssinians

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Link to Zoozoo's Pedigree


Lynette Coffey
- who graciously allowed a piece of her wonderful lines to go to me, an unknown, wannabe breeder, giving me that first leap-of-faith helping hand through the opportunity of my first Foundation Queen, CH Fin Bheara Cote d'Azure of Abytopia, aka Zoozoo: the spirited, hard bodied and loving blue aby girl who taught me that she knows how to be the perfect mom without any help from me. Also for an endless supply of information on cat breeding, health, and general cat issues.
Link to Fin Bheara Abyssinians




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Link to Chloe's Pedigree


Diane Mendoza
– who shared her wonderful King Tut and Lucy kitten with me, even though it was destined to be hers: the sweet natured, beautiful and gentle Van Dyke kid with the luxurious coat, CH Dimend's Chloe Zoe of Abytopia, aka Chloe, and who has shared countless photos of her family, human and feline, and fun adventures with me, along with pearls of wisdom and good humor on all things cat and non-cat related...

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Link to Teaser's Pedigree


Bruce Alexy
- who allowed that first breeding between Zoozoo and his stunning National Winner and great treasure, GC NW Gulfco's Sweet Talkin Guy of Alexy, DM, resulting in two gorgeous fawn baby girls, the apples of my eye. Bruce also has given me countless cat tips and advice, as well as helping me grow by nudging me towards becoming more confident in my own decision-making abilities. And, being somewhat of a miracle worker, he returned a better cat to me than the one I sent him, even though they are genetically identical.

Fortunately, because of Bruce, we are now sharing life with the joyful, gorgeous blue girl with the big ears and big heart, Alexy Maltese Falconess of Abytopia, aka Teaser. She has brought a lot of smiles and laughter into our home!
Link to Alexy Abyssinians
Link to Guy's Pedigree



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Link to Bella's Pedigree


Sue Ruminski
and Lynn Martin - who together gave me the opportunity to share a piece of their exquisite lines, including a part of the heritage of the magnificent GC NW Tinbat's Morgan's Passing, DM whom I have admired and loved since I first saw his picture, by allowing me to bring the exotic, statuesque and vibrantly colorful CH Esente’s 3 Days of Rome of Abytopia, aka Bella, home with me to love and adore. It was their magnificent cats that bedazzled me at my first cat show in San Mateo a few years ago, an experience that hooked me and led me on this amazing path…


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Link to Boji's Pedigree



JoAnne Goettsche - Last, but not least, a special thanks and debt of gratitude to my lifelong friend JoAnne Goettsche who has stood by me through thick and thin in all aspects of my life, and who has been a fellow cat lover and Cat Fancy cheering section from the very beginnings of Abytopia. Thanks for your support.



Each of you have shared with me your special gifts, and I am eternally grateful for every one of you!

It goes without saying, that I owe the greatest debt of gratitude to my darling mom, Mary, and my infinitely patient husband, Mike - they are the two loves of my life and have tolerated on countless occasions the thundering pitter patter of multitudinous kitty feet and crashing of <whatever> in the wee hours of the morning. My cat phobic mom has learned to accept that an occasional furry visitor will keep her feet warm and snug at night by sharing her hospital bed with her. My sweet husband has learned that you never know when you might step in some cat vomit, or worse. I'm talking furballs here. ;-)

To see more Abytopia Thank You's, please visit our companion site at - http://www.picturepurrfect.com/thank-you.html

Thank You All,

Jean Papo


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