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Spice Girl, aka Spicy

Beautiful Spicy, a spayed ruddy female Abyssinian, was born on 7/5/2005. She is quite stunning to look at, and has a mellow, wonderful personality...except when it comes to food. The sounds she makes when eating sound like they come from a huge scary creature, not a pretty little thing like Spicy. She LOVES her food, the more variety, the better! Chicken and tuna are some of her favorites.

While not a lap cat per se, Spicy loves to give head butts and lean into you. She also loves to help out in the kitchen, and be near you in the bedroom. In fact, she will happily follow you around the house while you go about your daily routine.

Spicy would get along well with other well-socialized and gentle cats. Or, she would be happy to be loved and adored and tended to all day long by you, her loyal servant.

Some day Spicy might like to be joined by her littermate, the Gorgeous Apollo, a red Abyssinian. But for now, it is Spicy who is the center of attention.

Spicy has now been adopted.



spicey and friend spicy as young adult spicy girl







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