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Warner, Beloved String Monster
In Memoriam, 1986 - 2004


I owe my love for cats to Frisco Del Rosario, for whom I brought home Warner from the Humane Society. Little did I know that what I thought was a "special Egyptian kitty" was your garden variety brown tabby. Leading by example, they taught me to play, to talk cat, and to appreciate feeling grounded and happy in my own home. Thank you, Frisco, for teaching me how to "be" with cats and win their respect and love in return. It's a gift that changed my life.


Warner's Gallery

Warner came into our lives at almost a year old, a skittish and shy girl who was just waiting for a safe environment to open up and share her boundless love with us. She was the talker of the family, a cat who loved to talk just to get a conversation going. Most of these pictures were taken when she was 18 years old, and as you can see, she always loved to play, especially when a human was involved in the game. She was one of a kind, the sweetest little girl to ever share her gentle spirit with us.


T - Rex's Gallery

In Memoriam, 8/23/93 - 7/19/10

T-Rex was my first aby and the most playful, loving boy I could ever have hoped for. He is a typical aby foodie and we enjoy fine dining together on a regular basis. T-Rex is the love of my life, my snuggle buddy at night, and I thank heavens every day for having him be such a significant part of my life.


Sparky's Gallery

In Memoriam, 6/1//96 - 4/14/11

My eight year old, substantial brown tabby boy, den mother, nurse maid, and nanny to all kittens and newcomers....also, the most psychic and nurturing cat to both humans and felines alike...still thinks he's my little kitten and I still think he is too.


Mia's Gallery

Mia, my favorite model, who lends her own special joie de vivre, mischief and grace to any occasion. Her special light shines bright in our household...She is featured throughout my website as only fitting as she was born to be a star. In fact, she was chosen for a photo shoot for a major cat food company a while back! Bravo, Miss Mia!





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