Bella Meets the Kittens

In the photo above, Bubbles is on the left and Toaster is on the right.

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Link to Toaster's and Bubbles' song


Chloe's Kittens!

Introducing Abytopia's Zeus and Abytopia's Aphrodite.

You can see their gallery here.


My main purpose in creating Abytopia is my tag line "The Ideal Aby Made Real",
meaning my personal goal of creating the perfect aby for my taste as well as
conforming to and exceeding the Abyssininan breed standard whenever possible.

Abytopia does currently have pet quality Abyssinian kittens for sale. These will be
sold either after having been neutered or spayed by me, or with a neuter and spay agreement. If you are interested in buying one or more of my kittens, please complete
my prospective buyer form.

Please enjoy my photos of Abytopia's first litter, two fawn girls born to CH Fin Bheara
Cote d'Azure of Abytopia, aka Zoozoo, and GC NW Gulfco's Sweet Talkin Guy of Alexy,
DM. aka Guy. Their names are Abytopia's A Toast To You And Me and Abytopia's Tiny
Bubbles In The Wine. Please click here to listen to the Don Ho song Tiny Bubbles that
was the inspiration for their names. It makes me happy every time I listen to it, and I
hope it will do the same for you...


Recent Abyssinian Kittens



It's A Girl!



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